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Car displays at Magnificent Motors Eastbourne - Graham Huntley

Eastbourne’s free classic car festival, Magnificent Motors speeds to the coast from 29 & 30 April 2017 and we are calling upon classic motor owners to take part in the bank holiday vintage extravaganza.

Motor enthusiasts and vintage seeking visitors venture to Eastbourne to see anything which gives a nostalgic nod to times gone by, from Bugatti’s to Bentley’s and Cadillacs to Ferrari’s, all proud classic car owners are encouraged to exhibit at the ever-popular event.

Entry Information

To enter your vehicle as an exhibit, please complete the form below.

Entries should be received by 8 April 2017 and your entry number will be sent out after the closing date.

Club Entry Form

Club Secretaries can enter their club, by completing the form on the link below

Club Entry Here

Terms & Conditions of Entry

Entries must be presented in a clean, complete and safe working condition. 

Owners must ensure all drivers of the exhibits are qualified in law to handle the class of vehicle involved (no under age drivers). 

No exhibit is to be left running in the control of any person unable to stop it in an emergency. 

No exhibit shall be left running unattended. 

All vehicles shall be safely parked, securely braked and/or chocked. 

A speed limit of 10 mph shall apply to all vehicles, including modern vehicles, on the show site. 

Entrants must pay proper regard to the Marshals’ instructions and conduct themselves in a manner which will not inconvenience other persons on the site. 

All exhibits attending the event must be insured.

Magnificent Motors sponsored by A Plan Insurance

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Please complete your details below. If you are entering as part of a club, you are not required to fill in the below form. Your club secretary must complete the adjacent form, on behalf of all attending members.

Please note that due to popular demand, entries for Sunday 30 April are now closed. You can still enter your vehicle or car club for Saturday 29 April however.

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